NBA – The crazy confession of a Wembanyama teammate about his height: “In reality, he measures…

French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Among the great mysteries that surrounded Victor Wembanyama before his arrival in the NBA, his size was the subject of numerous fantasies in the US.

Finally announced at 2m24, the young French interior saw this measurement recently corrected by a Spur.

Unlike some of his illustrious predecessors, he has not yet invented anything. Indeed, all the moves made so far by Victor Wembanyama in the NBA, however viral they may have been, were nothing new.

However, the enthusiasm surrounding him lies above all in the fact that he has such a complete technical range… from the height of his 2m24.

If, however, this figure turns out to be the right one.

Julian Champagnie cashes on Victor Wembanyama’s true size

Despite measurements taken before each season, the sizes of players announced by the NBA are still subject to some doubt.

For example, many observers still accuse Kevin Durant of lying on this subject .

A scenario that could happen again with Wembanyama following the revelation made recently by Julian Champagnie at the microphone of Bally Sports , reported by Jeff Garcia:

Champagnie says the team is starting to better understand how to play with Wembanyama.

He also affirms that there are no egos in the squad and that each player wants his partner to succeed. Finally, he states that in reality, Wembanyama is 2m26 tall.

A final piece of information that he was also asked to confirm at the very end of the interview, which he did without flinching.

Contrary to the official measurement published since the start of the season, Wemby would therefore indeed exceed the 2m25 mark.

Which of course makes him even more terrifying for the competition, but also makes him an even greater asset for his team, as Champagnie declares:

Julian Champagnie: I think it’s the best thing for us, his teammates.

He draws so much attention from the defense that guys like Dev (Vassell), Jeremy (Sochan), Keldon (Johnson), Malachi (Branham) and I find ourselves open a lot.

Nine times out of ten, when he rolls to the basket, the players in the corner find themselves open.

On top of that, since he’s 2m26, most of the time you just have to throw the ball in the air and he’ll be able to catch it.

According to Julian Champagnie, Victor Wembanyama would indeed measure 2m26, and not 2m24 as announced by the NBA.

Unless there was a growth spurt recorded in the middle of the season, the league would have lied about its French jewel.

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