NBA – The big debate launched after Victor Wembanyama’s last note in 2K!

Exceptional in recent weeks of competition, Victor Wembanyama continues to impress with Spurs. The NBA 2K game logically rewards him, even if his rating continues to be debated.

Author of several All-Time records in recent weeks, and winner of the rookie of the month in February, Victor Wembanyama continues to panic observers.

The future looks bright for the Frenchman, who is logically rewarded in the NBA2K game.

However, we cannot say that it is a priority for the person concerned, unlike other players.

The debate over the Wembanyama note

Still, Wemby is well rated in this game, since he very quickly climbed to 89.

A fairly exceptional rating for a rookie, especially since at the time, LeBron James took a while before obtaining more than 88 of general.

In the latest update, however, the developers explained that Wembanyama would remain at 89.

Wemby remains at 89 overall in 2K. Too high, too low or correct?

A little surprising it must be admitted, especially since Wembanyama has raised his level of play (and his statistics) in recent weeks.

Its rating could therefore have increased as was the case in the first months, but the developers decided otherwise. Among the fans, however, we remain divided.

too high

90 would be perfect

I think so to be honest, if not a 90 or 91. Historic numbers for a guy of such a young age. Very impressive and he’s already at 89.

89 is not so bad for Victor Wembanyama, already considered a real star. If he continues on this path, there is no doubt that the Frenchman will quickly reach his 90, or even higher.

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