NBA – “Thank God we have Wemby, we almost had this star as the future face of the league”

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey


The arrival of Victor Wembanyama was eagerly awaited in the NBA and fortunately, the French rookie has largely proven himself since his debut. That’s good, many fans were obviously very afraid of settling for another young star like the boss of the big league…

More than 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and three blocks on average. A production that would already be crazy for any player, but Victor Wembanyama achieves it when he doesn’t even have six months in the NBA yet under his belt. This shows that the Spurs pivot has a bright future, especially since his room for improvement seems crazy even though he is still only 20 years old.

Whether his peers, fans and observers, many have fallen under his spell and there is little doubt about his ability to play leading roles for many years. A priori, it’s difficult to dislodge the V from the future faces of the NBA, once LeBron James and Stephen Curry have retired. A relief for some, judging by the comments:

Jayson Tatum gets smashed by fans

We almost had Jayson Tatum as the face of the league. Thank God we have Wemby🙏

This may seem cruel for the Celtics winger who has just crushed the Warriors (140-88), especially since his Celtics are the best team in the league with 48 victories for 12 defeats. However, the winger is far from enchanting fans outside of Boston, being less spectacular on a statistical level than others. Obviously, the prospect of seeing him become the boss of the NBA does not please many people.

It would have hurt basketball forever to have Tatum as the face of the NBA

Jayson Tatum is just Paul George without the injuries

Unless he wins a title at the end of the campaign with the Celtics, Jayson Tatum will have a hard time rallying the majority of fans behind him. That the latter would rather like to see Victor Wembanyama ascend the throne of the best players in the league, however, says a lot about the enthusiasm that the Frenchman arouses. 

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