NBA – Steve Kerr justifies himself after the Steph Curry fiasco, furious fans: “Stop this man”

Stephen Curry and Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr’s handling of Steph Curry this Sunday evening was heavily criticized, so much so that journalists tried to find out more. 

Except that his explanations did not convince the supporters at all…

While the Warriors lost by 4 points against the Wolves this Sunday, the explanation is simple for many people: Steph Curry.

Not that the leader is considered responsible for this defeat, but rather that his absence was noted.

He only played 30 minutes against Rudy Gobert and his teammates, the fault of a clearly uninspired Steve Kerr .

Steve Kerr justifies himself after his decision

On the bench 4 minutes from the end of the third quarter, and back with just 7 minutes remaining in the 4QT, Curry had time to breathe.

A little too surely.

At a press conference, Kerr was quickly questioned about this questionable management of the leader.

This is how he tries to justify his decision to journalists.

“If you want to say that Steph Curry playing 30 or 32 minutes was the difference between a win and a loss, I disagree. »

However, with a +6 on the floor, and only 30 minutes of play, it is clear that Curry had a great influence on the score of the match.

If he had played 33/34 minutes, there is no doubt that the Warriors could have left Minnesota with a victory in their pockets.

The coach is also the only one convinced by his speech.

Stop this man

He’s a double agent trying to undermine the team, please fire him!

Steve Kerr tries to justify his bad decisions against Wolves this Sunday evening… and suffice to say that the supporters do not agree with him at all. 

A change on the Golden State bench might not be too much this summer.

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