NBA – Stephen Curry betrayed by a former lieutenant: “I’m more afraid of him than of Steph”

NBAWith his offensive arsenal, Stephen Curry has terrorized the entire NBA more than once in recent years. 

But according to a former teammate of the Chef, there is an active player who would inspire even more fear in the competition than him…

In many ways, it’s an absolute nightmare to defend on Stephen Curry .

The Warriors point guard is not only the best shooter of all time, he is also an outstanding player away from the ball as he is constantly moving. Add to that his ability to close near the rim and you have an insoluble puzzle.

If the person concerned also has four champion rings, it is not for nothing.

And logically, many basketball players fear him on the court… but according to Andre Iguodala, MVP of the 2015 Finals with Golden State, Baby Face would not be at the top of the hierarchy in this area.

As the retiree explained recently in an interview with The Ringer , that throne would go to another superstar.

Kyrie Irving, the most terrifying player according to Andre Iguodala

Ryen Russillo : In a tied playoff game, who are you most afraid of?

Andre Iguodala : Kyrie Irving and there’s not even a debate.

To take the shot at the last second, I take Kyrie. When we talk about inspiring fear in others, whatever the moment, it’s Kyrie.

Steph proved to the other teams that we could at least throw a two-hander on him.

If you manage to take away possession of the ball, I suppose that’s the way to confront him.

But Kyrie is so good, you can’t take the ball away from him. Allen Iverson said Kyrie was the best ball handler in NBA history.

And I was told I was crazy because I said the same thing. But Kyrie, when it comes to fear, ask anyone in the league, he’s a scary guy.

Mavs' Kyrie Irving on facing Nets, chemistry with Luka Doncic and Dereck  Lively's debut

Some might take this as an act of betrayal against the Chief whose loyal lieutenant he has been for years, but Iggy is in a pretty good position to talk about Uncle Drew.

Everyone remembers LeBron James ‘ monstrous 2016 Finals , “The Block” and his triple-double in Game 7, but it was the playmaker who planted the decisive basket for the title against Curry:

Andre Iguodala easily admits, Kyrie Irving scares him more than anyone else in the league and he wouldn’t be the only one to think that. Between his legendary handle, his exceptional finishing qualities and his ability to be clutch, the 2016 champion actually has all the weapons to traumatize his opponents.

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