NBA – Steph Curry scandal after the Warriors defeat, he reacts bluntly: “Yes, I was…

Golden State Warriors NBA superstar Stephen Curry (left) and his coach Steve Kerr (right)

Traveling to Minnesota, the Warriors lost again against the Wolves. 

Problem, Steve Kerr was strongly criticized for his management of Steph Curry, particularly in the fourth quarter.

While the Rockets are behind them, ready to take 10th place for the play-in, the Warriors lost again with a score of 110-114 against the Wolves this Sunday evening. 

Steve Kerr’s men, as too often, collapsed in the fourth quarter. However, the coach is judged guilty of this defeat for the fans.

Steve Kerr massacred again for his coaching

In question ? The treatment of Stephen Curry. 

With 31 points, the leader was still in great shape. He returned to his bench towards the end of the third quarter with a 4-point advantage for the Warriors, before returning… 9 minutes later with 8 points behind. For many, Kerr took too long to get him on the field.

Questionable coaching, especially since Curry finished with barely 30 minutes of play. 

At the end of the season and given the challenges of the Warriors, it is difficult to understand what Steve Kerr is doing from his bench. 

The defeat undoubtedly hinges on this, especially when the Chef has a +6 differential in this game, proof of his impact.

At a press conference, even Curry admitted that he did not understand the tactics.

Steph Curry : “If we compare to the last game, and given our rotations, yes I was a little surprised. Especially knowing they were on a run.

 I played the whole last quarter against the Pacers, it didn’t work. That didn’t work, we have to find a compromise. »

Blame it on new questionable coaching from Steve Kerr, the Warriors lost a valuable match this Sunday against the Wolves.

 Even Steph Curry admitted his surprise at this new tactic from his coach…

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