NBA – Steph Curry returns the canvas with a big announcement, LeBron is on fire!

NBA superstars Stephen Curry (left) and LeBron James (right)

NBAOn the pitch this Friday with the Warriors, Stephen Curry still found the time to deliver a big revelation to the world before dominating the Raptors. A revelation to which LeBron James was quick to react with enthusiasm.

Playing two games in New York and Toronto in the space of 24 hours is no easy task. Even less so when your flight between the two metropolises encounters some problems. Despite all this, the Warriors were able to perfectly negotiate their back-to-back by winning against the Raptors this Friday (120-105). For this they can thank Stephen Curry , author of 25 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists:

LeBron congratulates Steph Curry after big news about him

A few days ago, Steve Kerr believed that Steph’s recent performances were affected by a certain state of fatigue. It must be said that in addition to his busy schedule with the Warriors, the star point guard must raise three children at home, which can be exhausting. And yet, it is with great joy that he announced in recent hours that he was expecting… the birth of a 4th Curry baby!


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Obviously delighted to share this news with his wife, Ayesha, the Chef obviously received many reactions on social networks. At the same time, with more than 50 million followers to his credit on Instagram alone, his publication could not go unnoticed. Among the thousands of comments can be seen that of LeBron James , delighted for his eternal rival and friend:


A few days before his 36th birthday, Stephen Curry gave himself a little early gift by announcing that his wife, Ayesha, was pregnant for the 4th time. Close to him and his family, LeBron James could only be delighted.

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