NBA – Spurs update on Wembanyama’s health: “With this condition, it is difficult for him to…

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

Beaten by the Suns this weekend, the Spurs will try to react this Monday evening, again against Kevin Durant and his teammates. 

But doubt remains regarding the state of health of Victor Wembanyama.

With not many games left, the Spurs are hoping to finish on a high note for Victor Wembanyama’s first season.

The Frenchman remains motivated and ready to do anything to win, also aware that the rookie of the year trophy is not yet validated, at least officially.

Unfortunately, you will have to watch out for injuries.

Wembanyama still absent at Spurs?

Troubled by his shoulder and ankle injury earlier in the month, Wembanyama is still being closely monitored by the medical staff based on the latest injury report.

We learn that Victor is uncertain against the Suns this Monday, the fault of a painful ankle again.

He should be tested before the match to know his availability.

Wemby is doubtful Monday against the Suns with a sprained ankle according to the Spurs.

It should also be noted that Wembanyama is listed as being ill, potentially following allergies present in Texas and which have been bothering the Frenchman for some time now.

It is therefore not impossible that he will be put to rest this Monday, as a simple precaution.

After all, the Spurs have nothing left to play for at the end of the season, other than perhaps worsening their record to be sure to finish in the top 3.

Thus, the Texans will give themselves the best chance of having the first choice in the 2024 draft. A major asset to bring in a Trae Young in trade for example .

Of course, we have to finish behind the Hornets!

Victor Wembanyama could miss another match this Sunday evening, once again as a simple precaution. 

Nothing very serious for the Frenchman at first glance, even if the medical staff refuses to take the slightest risk.

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