NBA – Spurs ready to associate a superstar with Wembanyama this summer? ” They should…

French NBA player Victor Wembanyama, here at a press conference for the San Antonio Spurs

With money and assets, the Spurs will have several opportunities this summer to hit the market.

According to a source, a superstar is being targeted… even if she is not the only one.

Victor Wembanyama redistributes the cards on the Spurs side.

While the franchise plans to wait quietly to return to the top of the Western Conference, several observers are categorical: the front office does not have time to procrastinate.

Wemby is not the patient type and wants to win quickly in Texas, so we can expect some moves this summer.

Thanks to a new poor record, the Spurs will already have a big draft pick, not to mention a significant cap space on the free agent market.

Enough to recruit for the offseason and ensure Victor is surrounded with better players for his sophomore campaign.

And if Trae Young has long been cited, he is not the only target.

A star at Spurs from the summer of 2024?

After all, the leader is still far from leaving Atlanta. We know the franchise is in trouble, however, the competition will be massive if Trae wants to leave.

According to the NBATradeReport account, this is why the Spurs are studying several avenues, including that leading to Donovan Mitchell.

He said to himself that the fullback should not extend his adventure in Cleveland.

The San Antonio Spurs are expected to aggressively pursue Donovan Mitchell this summer. Mitchell, who can become an unrestricted free agent after this season, is noncommittal regarding a possible extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A departure from the Cavaliers cannot therefore be ruled out for the rear, whose future still looks quite vague.

But we imagine that playing alongside Wembanyama and for Gregg Popovich would not be a bad idea for him

. It remains to convince the supporters, who are more interested in Young when we see his possible understanding with Victor.

The Spurs will have to cover several avenues this summer, and one of them leads to Donovan Mitchell, who will be very popular if the Cavaliers leave.

In any case, choice reinforcements will be needed to help Victor Wembanyama.

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