NBA – So crazy “Let it happen as quickly as possible”: Wembanyama’s big update to the Spurs!

Already considered the central pillar of Spurs for the next 10/15 years, Victor Wembanyama has never hidden his ambition: he wants to win the title. 

And even if he knows that you will have to be patient, don’t count on him to wait too long.

Author of an already remarkable rookie season, Victor Wembanyama is establishing himself as the future big star in the NBA. 

The potential is there, obviously hoping that injuries don’t spoil the next few years at Spurs. 

The franchise is in any case delighted to be able to count on such talent, even if the front office finds itself with a lot of pressure.

There is not necessarily a need to destroy everything, however, the leaders know that the current squad needs an overhaul in order to grab a few places in the Western Conference. 

With cap space and a new big draft choice, the Spurs will already have arguments this summer. 

And Wembanyama is eager to learn more.

Wembanyama plans for the long term

Don’t count on the Frenchman to put huge pressure on the front office, but he obviously wants to win, and certainly not in 15 long seasons.

Asked about the subject at a press conference, Victor said he was curious about the upcoming changes in the squad.

And he can’t wait for what’s next.

Victor Wembanyama : “I’ve been able to learn things throughout the year, about how it works, and I find it’s a big challenge for front offices to not ruin everything and build something for the future. 

Obviously I’m really looking forward to winning. 

But at the same time, we must also be patient and ‘trust the process’. “

“Obviously, our job is to make it happen as quickly as possible. “

If Wemby is aware that he will not play for the title next year, he does not intend to wait many years before seeing progress in San Antonio. 

Nothing could be more normal for a very ambitious player, even if the supporters are already worried about a long-term departure.

Victor Wembanyama has every intention of winning titles at Spurs, and sooner rather than later. 

The Frenchman is even expecting changes this summer, with a front office that will be closely scrutinized with future movements.

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