NBA – Slight concern for Wembanyama after his match? “We will know more…

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

Present this Tuesday evening against the Mavericks, Victor Wembanyama seems to have scared himself slightly after contact with Luka Doncic. 

Spurs declined to provide further information at this time.

Limited to 12 points and 3/13 shooting, Victor Wembanyama did not have the best offensive evening of his career against the Mavericks.

Despite this, the Frenchman changed the situation defensively, thus confirming that he is a serious candidate for the defender of the year trophy.

With 6 new counters in one match, Wemby is convincing people a few weeks before the votes.

Wembanyama slightly affected against the Mavs?

Only problem ? His possible injury. Having been bothered by his ankle recently, Wemby may have suffered a new alert following contact with Luka Doncic late in the match.

Nothing very serious at first glance, but the Frenchman seemed to be disturbed after this action.

The Spurs, however, did not confirm anything after the game.

Wemby appears to be shaken after this action.

Knowing that Victor experienced some problems with his ankle during his rookie season, you can imagine that the supporters are slightly worried about him.

Even Matthew Tynan tried to find out more at a press conference, but the Spurs provided no details.

We should know more during the traditional injury report.

I asked Pop and the staff about Wemby’s ankle/leg after that run-in with Luka, but no one knows if there’s a problem or not. T

hey said he performed his post-match routine normally.

Victor didn’t speak tonight, so we’ll know more this Thursday.

Nothing serious at first glance with Victor Wembanyama, but fans are obviously wary. 

As the end of the season approaches, the slightest injury can now be fatal, like Bilal Coulibaly at the Wizards.

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