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LeBron James at press conference for the Lakers

The future of LeBron James is becoming more and more talked about, especially when the person concerned does not close the door to retirement in the coming months. Shams Charania has some important news.

As we head straight into the postseason, including the play-in, Lakers fans are inevitably worried about what happens next.

Darvin Ham’s men are clearly not the favorites and no one knows if LeBron James will retire at the end of this campaign.

It’s a possibility, especially if the Angelinos fail early enough.

More information on LeBron James’ retirement?

At 39 years old, nothing is more normal for the Chosen One to think about retirement, especially since he confirms that he feels less and less well over time.

But according to information from Shams Charania, we are heading towards at least one new season for the King.

The Lakers’ upcoming results could have an influence, however.

“Shams Charania explained that he expects LeBron James to play one or two more seasons. »

No retirement in sight for James this summer, even if he should take the time to reflect in order to better manage his future. For many fans, it is impossible that he decides to hang up suddenly, since he could give priority to a farewell tour through NBA halls.

The end is really coming. I hope he ends his career with something special.

I’ve never cried because someone retired, but this will be a first

No matter the date, the day LeBron James retires will be very sad. His career will remain immense, and count on him to try to end it with a title at the end.

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