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Victor Wembanyama et Gregg Popovich

For months, many have been claiming that San Antonio obtained Victor Wembanyama not by luck, but because the league gave the Texans an illegal boost. It must be said that chance does things well here… which did not prevent a famous analyst from releasing a major clarification.

On paper, the connection between Victor Wembanyama and Spurs is obvious.

On the one hand, we have a player who grew up admiring the Texan franchise; on the other, the latter is renowned for its development of international players like Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

Seeing the pivot land at the Éperons via the first choice in the 2023 draft was therefore practically obvious.

We will also note the parallel with the 1997 draft, when Gregg Popovich’s men were coming out of a disastrous season.

They then picked up Tim Duncan… and everyone knows the rest. Faced with such an accumulation, some seriously wonder if all this had not been a set-up on the part of the NBA.

Renowned analyst at ESPN , Brian Windhorst, however, refuted this based on the 2019 draft:

No rigging in the 2023 draft according to Brian Windhorst

Brian Windhorst : Lots of conspiracy theories died in one night.

The night the Knicks and Lakers were in the Top 4 (of the draft) while Zion Williamson and Ja Morant were in the lottery.

The Pelicans and Grizzlies had picks No. 1 and 2 and everyone knew those two players would be first.

After that, it is no longer possible to talk about lottery rigging.

Marc J. Spears : And what about the Spurs and their first pick? They made sure Wemby finished in the right franchise. What other options would he have had? Charlotte?

Brian Windhorst : The NBA has better things to do than rig it so that one of the three smallest markets in the league gets the best player in the crop, I’m sorry.

We know that the lottery has been subject to rumors of manipulation since its creation.

We think in particular of Pat Ewing’s arrival at the Knicks in 1985 and a dark story of a cold envelope… But in recent years, the big guns have rarely been so lucky, 2019 being the best example according to Windy.

However, it will take much more to convince Internet users who remain skeptical.

Wemby was offered to Pop and SA, everyone knows that🤣

Whether there was fixing or not, it is clear that Victor Wembanyama probably found himself in the best possible environment at Spurs. The latter do not win many matches, but they have serious management and experience with international players. Not every franchise can boast of this.

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