NBA – Retirement approaching for LeBron James? His terrifying admission: “I no longer…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James

As Lakers fans focus on the postseason, LeBron James’ retirement is becoming a sensitive topic. And the King knows how to maintain suspense…

Still in difficulty in the West, with no guarantee of winning a ticket for the play-in, the Lakers still relied on LeBron James this Sunday. 40 points for the Akron native, who definitely doesn’t look his age (39 years old).

However, it is a fact: retirement is fast approaching for the person concerned, and faster than we imagine…

LeBron honest about the end of his career

Truth be told, there is a world where James retires this summer.

This is a scenario that should not be ruled out today, especially if the physique begins to fail in the coming months.

In front of journalists this Sunday, number 23 of the Angelinos is the first to recognize that the end is approaching. And it’s not necessarily very far away.

LeBron James : “I don’t expect to play much longer. I’m not going to play 21 more seasons, that’s for sure.

Not very long. I don’t know when this door to retirement will close. But I don’t have much time anymore. »

Possible that LeBron retires this summer, or next year, after a farewell tour through the different NBA venues. Nothing should be ruled out at this time.

However, among supporters, we refuse to think about such an eventuality.

He will play until he is 60

I can’t

Retirement in sight for LeBron James?

The latter is in any case talking about it publicly, even if we will have to wait to have a date… or a potential announcement.

Let’s enjoy the King while we still can.

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