NBA – “Not everyone is like LeBron. After retirement, 90% of women will…

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James (left) and his wife, Savannah (right)

LeBron James is the standard bearer of the big league because of his multiple exploits in matches and his longevity, but also for his impeccable character away from the court. His private life in particular is absolutely idyllic… but according to a former NBA player, his relationship with Savannah is not far from being unique.

Being an NBA player is honestly no easy task. You often have to fight to stay in the big leagues, especially when you’re not a superstar. But even for the latter, there are many challenges to overcome, in particular that of knowing how to juggle between one’s sporting career and one’s private life which is sometimes put to the test.

If there is one who has risen to the challenge brilliantly for two decades now, it is undoubtedly LeBron James . At 39 years old, the Lakers winger continues to shine on the professional floors and could even be joined by his sons Bronny and Bryce in the years to come. All while he is still married to his childhood sweetheart Savannah and avoiding rumors and family drama as much as possible.

Sebastian Telfair cash on NBA players and marriage

In many respects, the King therefore represents a model to follow for his peers. However, Sebastian Telfair believes that Bron is in fact just an imposing tree hiding the forest. A former NBA journeyman (8 franchises in eleven years), the leader who played for Boston and OKC made a pessimistic observation on VladTV :

It’s because men are stupid and no one speaks up. Nobody defends the athletes. You look at the athlete like you have the money and no one stands up for the athlete. The athlete can’t even say anything. I tell myself that this is bogus. Not everyone is like LeBron, has his money. LeBron lives in a different community than other players.

I say 178 players only make one to four million. When I got to the NBA and I went to meetings, they said seven out of ten players were getting divorced, now it’s nine out of ten players. It’s the players, the guys need to understand that this pretty girl that’s next to you right now in this beautiful house, her attitude is going to change eventually.

Nine out of ten women will leave you. Kevin Garnett is divorced. Shaq got divorced. Michael Jordan got divorced. So I mean, it’s for all players. I will be the bad guy if necessary by saying that, I will be the only one. What people say on the subject, that’s not how it happens.

Few players stay with their partner throughout their career, apart from a few exceptions like LeBron James or Stephen Curry. Sebastian Telfair knows something about this, having been married at 21 before his relationship quickly fell apart.

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