NBA – New controversy in the US over Wembanyama: “It’s degenerating”

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

Victor Wembanyama ‘s name will have been on everyone’s lips for his first months in the NBA and there is a good chance that it will last for a few more years.

But some of his detractors have pointed out an element of discussion that bothers them…

And one more big match for Victor Wembanyama. Opposed last night to Nikila Jokic and the reigning champion Nuggets, the French pivot certainly suffered one more defeat but also came close to a quadruple-double even though he is still only 20 years old. 

The double MVP was also full of praise about him, just like other superstars like LeBron James or Kevin Durant have done in recent weeks.

All this obviously only increases the hype a little more around the first pick of the 2023 draft who is heading straight towards the ROY.

Observers never stop praising him, just like the players… but his haters are definitely tired of seeing him being showered with praise when he is not the first rookie interior to have lined up impressive statistics for his first months on the NBA floor:

Wembanyama: “generational, best rookie in history, future GOAT. » Tim Duncan: “boring, superteam. » Blake Griffin: “lobs player, no ring.” The hype around Wemby is degenerating…

Are we overdoing it on the V? So that’s the whole question. San Antonio’s collective record does a lot of harm to the Habs according to its detractors, especially when we consider the hype around it.

However, this in no way detracts from his exceptional season, especially when we consider the abysmal background around him. Wemby’s fanbase was quick to fiercely defend him in the face of criticism:

Wemby’s adjusted stats compared to Tim and Blake’s playing time (38.5 minutes per game): 28 points, 13.8 rebounds, 4.7 blocks and 1.7 steals per game. Interesting

When you hate a rookie in such an illogical way, it’s because he’s destined for greatness lol

In the end, you just have to listen to Victor Wembanyama’s peers talk about him to understand that the enthusiasm he arouses is not due to chance.

Whether it’s Nikola Jokic, Kevin Durant or even LeBron, everyone is ecstatic about the Frenchman’s prowess.

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