NBA – “More than 81.4% of players in the league”: Wembanyama’s new lunar feat

Victor Wembanyama warming up for Spurs

There is no doubt that Victor Wembanyama is not a player like the others. 

Without mentioning his size or his insane qualities, the Frenchman is having a fantastic first NBA season, illustrated by some crazy statistics.

A young player with extraordinary talent, but also the hope of an entire franchise, Victor Wembanyama does not disappoint despite the immense expectations that surrounded him before his arrival in the NBA.

So much so that a coronation as Rookie of the Year at the end of the season now seems obvious.

But it is not only among the young talents of the North American league that he dominates the competition.

While he was playing just his 60th NBA game this Sunday, the young Spurs interior stood out again on the block. Author of 7 blocks against the Nets, he brought his total for the season to 207 units.

Enough to easily make him the best player in the league in this area for the 2023-24 campaign… but also already doing much better in this area than the vast majority of his counterparts.

The new mind-blowing statistic from Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama already has more career blocks than 81.4% of active league players

Certainly, the league contains many players who are just as, if not even more, inexperienced than him.

Certainly, his size is a major predisposition to shine like this defensively.

That being said, this rate of 81.4% of active players that Wemby dominates at the counter level seems simply incredible.

And yet, this is indeed the feat that the latter achieved after 60 matches.

How can we not be impressed by such a feat? But above all, how far will the French rise?

At this moment, the sky seems to be the limit as he is already racking up records across the Atlantic.

And given such precocity and maturity in his game, Internet users do not hesitate to get involved in their predictions to determine what other crazy things he will be able to pull off:

Suffice it to say that he will end up with the greatest number of career blocks in NBA history.✅

Barely having started his NBA career, Victor Wembanyama is already reaching heights on the block that many other active players have never come close to. 81.4% of them again to be more precise. But where will he stop?

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