NBA – Mercilessly, Shaq crushes Wembanyama after an almost quadruple double: “Stop with

NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal (left) and young French player Victor Wembanyama (right)

This Tuesday against potential MVP Nikola Jokic, Victor Wembanyama almost made history by once again approaching the quadruple-double.

Finally, it obviously took more to impress Shaquille O’Neal, who was rather a downer.

Without Devin Vassell, without Jeremy Sochan and without Keldon Johnson, it could have been a long evening for the Spurs against the Nuggets.

The latter, launched in the quest for a back-to-back, could have used this meeting to give themselves confidence and continue their rise in power…

If they won, Michael Malone’s men also won. fear.

What must be remembered is that Victor Wembanyama once again lived up to his duel against a superstar.

He finished the game with 23 points, 15 rebounds, 9 blocks and 8 assists, which is simply exceptional despite a major shooting clumsiness.

Nikola Jokic had no choice but to take his hat off to him afterwards.

Shaquille O’Neal destroys Wembanyama’s defense

The double MVP has nothing to be ashamed of anyway, since he too was wonderful in front of his supporters.

He released a new XXL double-double with 42 points, 16 rebounds, but also 6 assists.

And for Shaquille O’Neal , this is what must be highlighted following this duel at the top, not the “almost quadruple-double” of the young Frenchman.

Stop with the compliments on Victor Wembanyama’s 9 blocks. Stop! His guy put 42 points on his head. 42 points.

For me Denver remains the favorite in the Western Conference.

They have reached a point where they are no longer going to panic about anything, even if they lose a playoff game.

Getting close to a quadruple-double? It takes more to impress Shaq.

What he remembers most about Victor Wembanyama’s evening is that he took 42 points on the head from Nikola Jokic, despite his numerous counterattacks and his desire to stand up to him.

In fact he is not wrong, but remaining shoulder to shoulder with such a team despite the injuries deserves a little compliment.

If Bol Bol had released a match of this level, Diesel would have spoken about it proudly.

Is this a real bias or proof of the enormous demands that Shaq wants to place on Victor Wembanyama?

Being one of the greatest pivots in the history of this sport, he obviously knows how the Frenchman must go about joining him at the heights of the hierarchy.

And for that, you don’t have to take boxes on your head so regularly.

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t care about the stats if a pivot lets his direct opponent score 42 points.

For this reason, he refused to compliment Victor Wembanyama as he came close to a historic quadruple-double.

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