NBA – Married to LeBron, Savannah James’ attitude with men is causing the buzz!

NBA – Marry LeBron!

But Savannah James’ attitude towards men in the accidentally recorded clip is causing a stir..

La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James (gauche) et sa femme, Savannah (droite)

In LeBron James’ family, we don’t joke about potential controversies.

This is also why his wife Savannah adopted a very specific strategy when she found herself face to face with men, and it did not fail to challenge her.

It is not without reason that LeBron James has been the face of the NBA for years, even though he has just celebrated his 39th birthday.

You would think he would have already passed the torch at this point but even today he is the perfect representative for the big league.

Already because he continues to deliver enormous performances despite his age, but also because he is relatively impeccable away from the field.

Indeed, wishing to concentrate exclusively on his career when he is not busy enjoying his family, the King avoids getting into controversy as much as possible.

And obviously, he is not the only one in his clan to do this since his wife Savannah recently created a buzz… because she categorically refuses to pose with men other than her husband.

Savannah James deliberately avoids men in public

Fans have noticed that Savannah James, married to LeBron, always only takes photos with women and never with men.

If this strategy brings back some memories for you, it is not without reason.

We know that LeBron himself tends to avoid female fans, including in shopping centers. Out of the question for him to find himself involved in possible accusations of infidelity in his relationship and visibly, Savannah has adopted the same strategy.

For most Internet users, this makes sense

They don’t want us to make false stories about it


Why would she want that? She is married.

LeBron James has already been accused of cheating on his wife, without there ever being any evidence to support this.

However, the Chosen One does not want to play with fire and Savannah seems to share this feeling. In this way, their private life runs much more peacefully.

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