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Victor Wembanyama is a phenomenon that no one in the NBA escapes, not even the legends of the league. So on the sidelines of All-Star Weekend last month, Bill Walton shared some rather flattering words to the Spurs pivot.

Victor Wembanyama is certainly the most followed rookie since LeBron James in 2003, and for the moment, he is meeting all expectations.

In an increasingly critical NBA microcosm, where fans are satisfied with almost nothing, he manages to make everyone agree with XXL performances and actions coming directly from another planet.

If the duel with Chet Holmgren was debated for a few weeks on social networks, the Frenchman stood out very clearly in the race for the title of Rookie of the Year, and even an expert like JJ Redick, who preferred the young interior of the Thunder, was forced to apologize and return his jacket .

Wemby-mania is real across the Atlantic.

Bill Walton blown away by Victor Wembanyama

And the advantage that the future of the French team has is that all the veterans follow it, support it, and seem ready to advise it.

This was the case for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a few months ago , and it was also the case for Hall of Famer Bill Walton during All-Star Weekend.

The Spurs cameras captured a little exchange between the former Blazers and the prodigy:


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Bill Walton: You’re having an excellent season, Victor.

Your calm, your serenity, your confidence in everything you do on and off the field are spectacular.

Bill Walton is one of the best players in NBA history, his opinion necessarily carries weight.

So when he compliments Victor Wembanyama like this, it’s because the young Frenchman is truly exceptional.

And these words are further proof that the latter will never be alone in his quest for glory at the highest level.

If he needs advice, many legends will be open to sharing their knowledge with him.

Knowing his character and his love of basketball, Wemby will not deprive himself if it allows him to join them in the hall of fame.

Bill Walton is one of the many legends impressed by Victor Wembanyama’s debut. There is no denying that the young Frenchman has everyone in agreement in the NBA microcosm for the moment.

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