NBA – LeBron reveals the most unstoppable players in the league and sets the web on fire!

NBA LeBron James

NBA While he celebrated his 39th birthday a few weeks ago, LeBron James knows he is close to retirement. But who could take over as boss of the league? The King in any case revealed the players he considered unstoppable after the match against Denver, and his list caused reactions on the web.

It’s official, a player managed to score more than 40,000 points in the regular season. Already the most prolific scorer in history for a year, LeBron James was logically the first to inaugurate this prestigious club. We would add that he is therefore also the first all-time athlete to have so many points as well as more than 10,000 rebounds and 10,000 assists in his career, an absolutely monstrous feat.

Once again, we can only savor the level of play of the Chosen One, who is still averaging 25 points even though he will be 40 years old in a few months. Who knows how much longer he will be on the floor… but once he retires, he will need a successor. Without necessarily naming a candidate in particular, LBJ nevertheless revealed to journalists the players he considered unstoppable:

Who will be LeBron James’ successor?

Joel (Embiid), Joker, Luka (Doncic), Giannis, Steph (Curry), KD. That’s just to name a few.

Very beautiful people therefore and it is difficult to contradict the winger on his choices, although some are inevitably overlooked. Her list has in any case caused a lot of buzz among Internet users:

Tatum fans must be furious right now

Did you see he didn’t quote Tatum?

The media tried so hard to put Tatum as the #1 favorite for MVP and here is the face of the league who doesn’t even remember his name lol

One wonders who will be the future boss of the league once LeBron James retires. For some, the fact that he snubbed Jayson Tatum as an unstoppable player is a sign, even if he may have simply forgotten to mention it. Not so surprising when you see the number of superstars in the NBA.

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