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LeBron James at press conference for the Lakers

Like all basketball fans, LeBron James is following March Madness NCAA closely.

He therefore obviously knows that the women’s table is more interesting than the men’s table, and he has just given a fairly honest opinion on this subject.

LeBron James loves basketball as a whole, so he doesn’t make the slightest distinction when playing the sport.

The proof is that as soon as he has a little free time, he goes to the sidelines to attend matches at the High School, NCAA, or even WNBA level. He had a front row seat to follow the Aces-Liberty rivalry last October.

Marine Johannès, with her fanciful and daring shots, had also caught the eye of the King, which remains a major achievement for a French athlete.

Father of a daughter who will perhaps take up sport one day, he must be quite happy to follow this positive development in women’s sport, especially during this period of March Madness.

LeBron James cash on women’s basketball

Before a Final Four which will bring together stars like Caitlin Clark and Paige Bueckers, LeBron James was asked about the state of “Women’s Basketball”, and he drew up a rather clear observation.

The fact that the stars must stay at university for several years allows fans to become attached, interested, and therefore follow more assiduously:

Today the girls play in the right way, but so do the boys. In the NCAA there are not that many differences between the two.

What changes in terms of popularity are the icons that there are among girls.

You see Angel Reese, Juju Watkins, Caitlin Clark, Paige Bueckers, Cameron Brink… We can name even others.

Because they must stay at least 3 years in college, they can build legendary records before arriving in the WNBA.

That’s what the fans love. This is why we love this March Madness so much. Iowa has a good team but everyone is looking for Caitlin Clark.

It’s the players who attract the attention. Girls have always played this game, they pass the ball around, they fight, there are just more huge stars today.

There is so much movement among men it’s hard to keep up.

For boys, it is possible to leave after only one year at university to discover the professional world.

There is therefore constant movement and a great mixing of the workforce.

If fans are more and more interested in the female side, it is because they can become attached to personalities over several seasons, while appreciating a show that is largely up to par in sporting terms.

LeBron James does not make a sporting difference between girls and boys in the NCAA, since fundamentals are the basis of everything on both sides.

On the other hand, he notes the greater popularity of female basketball players in recent seasons.

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