NBA – LeBron dirty accused by a legend? ” You saw him ? He’s on steroids! »

Los Angeles Lakers NBA superstar LeBron James
RawelDespite his 39 years and 20 years of experience in the league, LeBron James continues to evolve at an incredible level with the Lakers. In this context, a former star made disturbing comments about him… linked to doping.

A few days ago, he would never have been able to reach the mark of 40,000 career points without demonstrating historic longevity.

LeBron James thus repels the impact of time like no NBA player has been able to do before him.

At 39 years old and in his 21st season, he manages to maintain an insolent level of play night after evening… which inevitably generates some controversial rumors about him.

Kevin Garnett’s confusing outing on LeBron James

A few months ago, a UFC icon claimed that LeBron used doping products whose nature she supposedly knew.

A declaration which then caused some commotion, without however preventing the King from continuing his momentum.

This could even allow him to play in the league with his son, Bronny, which Kevin Garnett recently mentioned in Ticket and The Truth :

Kevin Garnett: I want to see that! I want Bronny to come into the league and face his dad and face each other on a possession.

I want him to arrive in front of his daron with the ball and ask for isolation! And two years later, I would like to see the same thing with Bryce! I want Bron to ram them both into the post with his butt! I really want to see this.

Everyone can in fact imagine the scene with a certain desire given its symbolism. 

After all, never has a player crossed paths with one of his sons on the NBA floor in all of history. 

The fact that LBJ achieves this with both would therefore represent a crazy feat. That being said, would Bronny manage to get the better of him? 

This is the question that KG asked… before making questionable remarks:

Kevin Garnett: Do you think Bronny could put a basket against Bron right now?

Paul Pierce: Yeah, he could. Of course he could. (…) This little guy is explosive.

Kevin Garnett: Yeah, he is, but have you seen his dad? He’s on steroids! He takes things like Balco, products like that!

First of all, it should be remembered that “Balco” is none other than the name of an American laboratory which found itself at the heart of a doping scandal in the early 2000s.

By referring to this affair when talking about LBJ, Garnett therefore challenged more than one. 

It remains to be seen whether this exit was second-degree influence, or whether he truly accuses his former rival.

In the middle of a discussion about Bronny James with Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett got a little carried away about LeBron. Only he knows in any case if he really thinks that the King uses doping products, or if it was just a figure of speech.

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