NBA – “It was a bad choice”: Wembanyama bluntly after his viral gesture

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Not a Victor Wembanyama meeting goes by without him offering at least one highlight to his growing number of fans.

The latest one, made in the money-time against Jazz, also led him to send a big warning.

A few weeks ago, the NBA revealed that only LeBron James managed to stand up to it in terms of visibility on different platforms.

Although he is only playing his rookie season, Victor Wembanyama is already exploding the view counters on social networks.

It must be said that in the space of around sixty matches, he can already boast of presenting a nice mixtape that he continues to expand on night after evening.

Victor Wembanyama has oddsmakers contemplating NBA history

Victor Wembanyama warns the competition

Back on the court this Wednesday after a short absence, Wembanyama made sure to make his presence felt on the Salt Lake City side.

Author of a real recital against Jazz , the young French interior largely contributed to the great victory of Spurs (118-111).

Particularly in the final moments of the match, where one of his 5 blocks of the evening proved valuable for his team:


Well placed to disrupt Taylor Hendricks’ penetration, Victor did not have to force his talent to return the latter’s attempt and thus seal his team’s success.

Unsurprisingly, he was invited to return to this sequence in the minutes that followed at a press conference.

And according to him, the opposing rookie’s intentions towards him were intended to be quite clear… but were not the right ones:

Victor Wembanyama: He tried (to posterize me), that’s for sure. But even though it can be a bit of a challenge to want to dunk on your opponent, I think it was a bad choice. You have to be intelligent.

Tom Brady meets Victor Wembanyama: Shocked at his height | Marca

It is true that at this stage of the match, it is better to prioritize the most quality shots rather than the most spectacular ones, which the Utah winger did not do on this occasion.

Wemby’s future opponents are therefore warned and know that the French international will always be waiting for them under the hoop, including in money time.

A strategy that is necessarily risky, but which allows him to accumulate blocks in a historic way for his first season in the league.

Suffice to say that this kind of sacrifice tends to pay off for him so far.

A favorite target of dunk experts since his arrival in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama nevertheless remains convinced that it is his opponents who take the most risks by trying to put him on a poster.

Words that he confirmed against Utah.

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