NBA – Impressed, a former player targets the two dream recruits to support Wemby at the Spurs!

The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama

Despite a historic rookie season in many respects, Victor Wembanyama fails to bring the Spurs back to the top of the Western Conference.

Too lonely for many, he could benefit from two major reinforcements according to a veteran of the league.

As individualistic as the NBA may be considered, it is impossible for one player to single-handedly carry a team to the title.

Even less when he is only playing his rookie season.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the exploits of Victor Wembanyama have not yet allowed the Spurs to reach the top of the Western Conference rankings.

However, things could change during the coming summer.

The ideal Draft scenario imagined for the Spurs

Given the success encountered by Wembanyama for his first season in the NBA, its managers could be tempted by the idea of ​​accelerating the project centered around him.

And while the Trae Young rumor continues to fantasize fans , reinforcement should also arrive through the Draft.

Former champion Nick Young has already revealed the two prospects he would select:

If I were the Spurs, I would take Dalton Knecht and (Zach) Edey.

That would make the greatest team in the league, the new (Tim) Duncan and David (Robinson)

Obviously attentive to March Madness, “Swaggy P” would therefore see two of the revelations of the NCAA tournament land in San Antonio.

Fullback Dalton Knecht (1m98) and pivot Zach Edey (2m24) have in any case undoubtedly caught the eye of many NBA scouts with their latest performances:

In an offseason that promises to be hectic, the Spurs would have every interest in drafting Dalton Knecht and Zach Edey according to Nick Young.

The Canadian giant would then form with Victor Wembanyama a duo worthy of that of Tim Duncan and David Robinson according to him.

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