NBA – Huge buzz around Luka Doncic’s mother: “She is so…

Luka Doncic and Mirjam Poterbin

While the playoffs are fast approaching, Luka Doncic continues to send crazy things on the floors and the Dallas franchise player also marched on Houston recently.

During this meeting, however, his mother attracted even more attention than him…

Even if he isn’t voted MVP this season, which seems inevitable despite his monstrous stats, Luka Doncic has cemented himself as one of the faces of the NBA in the years to come.

It must be said that more than just a high-level player, the Slovenian is a true genius of the orange ball and has been since he was very young.

It must be said that basketball is literally in the Mavericks’ blood.

El Matador is in fact the son of former player Sasha Doncic, born from his union with Mirjam Poterbin. His mother accompanied him to most of his clubs before the NBA, including Real Madrid.

If they have been in conflict for a few months recently, the current seems to flow better between them since she was present at the recent festival of her offspring against the Rockets, at the Toyota Center in Houston:

Doncic’s mother’s physique shocks the web

Aged 50, the matriarch of the Halleluka family literally unleashed Internet users stunned by her physique:

Luka doesn’t defend enough to keep me away from his mother🤤😮‍💨

She is so hot🥺😍

We all think we would do it to each other

Luka Doncic is not the only member of his family to make sparks in the US since Internet users seem captivated by his mother.

It must be quite strange to see complete strangers unleashing themselves like this in front of Mirjam Poterbin…

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