NBA – General statistics between two super rookies Wembanyama and Coulibaly make fans excited!

NBA Bilal Coulibaly and Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama and Bilal Coulibaly had a great rookie season, which unfortunately ended with an injury for the second city. 

Both players, however, achieved a small feat in this campaign.

While Victor Wembanyama hopes to finish his season strong with Spurs, perhaps with several victories, that will not be the case for Bilal Coulibaly.

Author of a great campaign with the Wizards, he unfortunately injured his ankle, requiring several weeks of absence.

We will therefore have to wait until October to find the Frenchman.

The stat that brings together Wembanyama and Coulibaly

A massive blow for Wizards fans, since Coulibaly was one of the rare satisfactions of the season.

He will at least have had the pleasure of playing during the majority of this exercise, and even teaming up with Wembanyama during the Rising Stars.

The two great friends are also found together in a rather flattering statistic.

The only rookies this season with at least 40 blocks, 50 interceptions and 60 three-pointers: Bilal Coulibaly and Victor Wembanyama.

Pretty cool to find the two French people together, although the stats remain interesting.

Proof that Coulibaly also stood out in defense at the Wizards, even if more effort will be needed in attack in the future.

In any case, the statistics please the supporters, won over by these two rookies.

Future teammates at Spurs

Bilal and a fan

This statistic is pleasing for Bilal Coulibaly and Victor Wembanyama, who can clearly be satisfied with their rookie campaign. 

And we can’t wait to see them again next October after a summer that promises to be relatively long.

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