NBA – Funny viral video about Victor Wembanyama in high school: “My friend sent him…

Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama is today a global superstar who stands out for his regular sporting exploits.

But a few years ago, he was just a simple student. Speaking of which, a viral TikTok just gave us an idea of ​​the type of student he was…

For several years now, Victor Wembanyama has been presented as a basketball prodigy, as a young man who has the potential to revolutionize his sport and establish himself among the greatest legends of all time.

A fairly immense pressure placed on his shoulders, but which he assumes with extraordinary talent.

For example, for his first season in the NBA, the Spurs No. 1 is already showing unique things.

In particular, he has just succeeded Shaquille O’Neal in the list of rookies to have had a game with 40 points and 20 rebounds…

Wemby lives up to expectations, and if his leaders manage to surround him, he could quickly walk on the Western Conference, or even the league.

Victor Wembanyama, a student like any other

What we might tend to forget about him is that beyond his many sporting exploits, beyond the media attention he has enjoyed since his adolescence, he was also a student like any other. …

And what does a student do when he is in middle or high school?

He will ask his classmates for math lessons.

The subject has just been the subject of a viral TikTok.


Et elle me l’avait jamais dis 😭🤣 #nba

#victorwembanyama #basket #usa #fyp

♬ son original – Tibotanique

I just discovered that my friend was the one who sent his math lessons to Victor Wembanyama!

All students in the world have had a friend they can count on to get their lessons back.

And if no one helped you, you were probably the savior of your group.

Victor Wembanyama was no exception, and he too had to count on the generosity of others to stay up to date in his classes.

How can I blame him?

In 2018, he was starting to make a name for himself in the industry thanks to his size and mobility, and he had to realize that his life would revolve around the orange ball.

While some would have completely given up to concentrate on their passion, the current Spurs pivot still paid attention to his schooling, proof that his head has always been full.

Victor Wembanyama was a conscientious student who wanted to make up for missed lessons, even though his future was set towards the highest level.

As the comments point out, this comrade must regret having lost track of Wemby.


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