NBA – Forgotten, huge news for Victor Wembanyama’s other rival!

When we say the words “Wembanyama” and “rival” in the same sentence, it is often to talk about Chet Holmgren. But there is another player who had this status in the past. Moreover, he has just come out of oblivion thanks to some big news.

Before his duel with Chet Holmgren took all the space in the media sphere, there was another player who could boast of rivaling Victor Wembanyama.

Indeed, those who were tuned in to the U19 World Cup in 2021 know that during the final between the France team and Team USA, it was Kenneth Lofton Jr.

who carried the latter to the coronation.

With its atypical profile, which would have been a hit 20 years ago, the interior struggles to confirm at the highest level.

Little or not used by the Grizzlies and the Sixers, Lofton Jr. was recently cut, leaving doubt about his future.

But because the potential is still very present, it will have the chance to bounce back in the coming weeks.

Kenneth Lofton Jr. finds a new franchise!

Kenneth Lofton Jr. signs a 3-year non-guaranteed contract with the Jazz.

Cut by the Sixers after almost never playing, Kenneth Lofton Jr. has just signed with the Jazz for 3 years, even if his contract is not guaranteed.

Because the team has nothing left to hope for in the race for the playoffs, the interior will have the opportunity to shine and show the extent of its talent.

It’s up to him to seize his chance and finally solve his overweight problem… Among the fans in any case, doubt predominates.

What is Jazz doing?!

It’s interesting that Utah signed Bazley and Lofton Jr. to 3-year non-guaranteed contracts.

They are both more or less 2 meters tall and can be present in the paint, while spreading the game. But why sign them now?

Rival of Victor Wembanyama in the youth categories, Kenneth Lofton Jr. does not have the same career among the professionals. While the French captivates fans and legends, the American struggles to find a place in a franchise.

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