NBA – “Even with LeBron and Curry, the Warriors would not end up champions”

NBA superstars LeBron James (left) and Stephen Curry (right)

Before the trade deadline, LeBron James was the subject of a canvassing by the Warriors. Would a duo with Stephen Curry necessarily have meant triumph for the Dubs? A former league star can’t believe it.

Even if their recent form is encouraging, a complete assessment of the season so far is not necessarily flattering for them. Lakers like Warriors continue to fight for a simple qualifying place for the Play-In Tournament, they who occupy respectively 9th and 10th places in the Western conference. No wonder, then, that they animated the trading market before its close.

In search of reinforcements, the Dubs have explored numerous avenues. Among them, the most incredible undoubtedly concerned LeBron James, whom they would have tried to snatch from their Californian counterparts . This, before suffering a categorical refusal that is quite logical for a player of this caliber, even aged 39. This does not prevent us from imagining what the latter could have achieved in the Bay.

Carmelo Anthony cashes on the aborted LeBron/Curry duo

Despite this episode, which was striking to say the least, LeBron was retained by the Lakers and will remain there at least until next summer. The mere thought of seeing him join Golden State, however, put stars in the eyes of some, like Draymond Green. This is indeed what the inside recently revealed in the 7PM in Brooklyn podcast … before seeing Carmelo Anthony suddenly bring him back to earth:

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Draymond Green : The deadline was cool. Just being able to discuss a potential LeBron and Steph (Curry) reunion and imagine it happening was cool. It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t even dare imagine that there would even be a discussion about it. I felt like I was hallucinating! I kept saying to myself, “What are we talking about?!” »

Carmelo Anthony : It’s true that the fact that there were discussions for this to happen is crazy. You have to have one hell of a pair to pick up your phone and ask that. Now, even with LeBron and Curry, the Warriors wouldn’t end up champions because guess what: they would have had to build a whole new team! It would have just been the two of them and (Jonathan) Kuminga!

While Draymond may have dreamed of winning a ring with James and Curry at his side, Melo took it upon himself to remind him that his team would have had to make big sacrifices to attract the King. It is therefore an entire squad that would have had to be rebuilt around the two men in a short period of time before the playoffs. Not ideal for hoping to get out of the Western Conference and access the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Although attractive on paper, the duo that LeBron James and Stephen Curry could have formed at the Warriors would not necessarily have been synonymous with a title. In any case, this is what Carmelo Anthony thinks, according to whom the lack of supporting cast would have been lacking.

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