NBA – “Disgusting”: In the middle of a match, LeBron’s insults towards a referee revealed! (VIDEO)

NBA superstar LeBron James made inglorious remarks to a referee

Despite his 39 years, LeBron James continues to drive into the opposing paint and make his physique speak for itself.

However, he sometimes does not receive the whistles that he feels he deserves and gets very annoyed, like this Wednesday against the Wizards.

At his age, players often tend to change their game and move away from the basket. After all, it’s not easy to compete physically with the beasts of the NBA when you’re approaching forty.

Yet this is what LeBron James continues to do brilliantly in his 21st season in the league. All this, by regularly causing fouls… which can sometimes not be sanctioned by the referees.

LeBron’s viral and condemned anger towards a referee

For many conspiratorial fans, the Lakers would benefit from arbitration this season .

The simple sight of the statistics from this Wednesday’s match against the Wizards is not likely to make them say the opposite.

The Angelinos thus obtained 16 more free throws than their opponents, including 9 in favor of James.

The latter, however, felt he deserved one more on a drive at the end of the first half… and made it clear:

LeBron James: Whistle the damn foul, you bitch!

Hit, according to him, by Kyle Kuzma in the left shoulder during this action, LeBron was quick to claim his and-one.

Seeing that it would not be given to him, he attacked the referee behind the Washington basket with rather flowery language.

Language which for many would have earned a technical foul to any player other than LBJ, which inevitably caused a reaction on the networks:

This is the same guy who told Ime (Udoka) not to use the term “s**t”?

It’s disgusting. The referees are being exploited by this man and the league is letting him do it. Thanks to Adam McMahon who fixes matches like in WWE

With 5.6 free throws attempted per game this season, LeBron James has the lowest average of his career in this area.

However, it seems that he considers that he deserves to go on the line more often, and obviously does not hold back from complaining about it.

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