NBA – Big changes at the Spurs? Woj’s take on Wemby: “They can’t…

Victor Wembanyama et Adrian Wojnarowski
NBA We have suspected it for a long time, Victor Wembanyama is changing the situation for Spurs. While the franchise wanted to take its time, the Frenchman could force the front office to review its plans. Adrian Wojnarowski spoke about the case of the rookie.

Exceptional since his arrival in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama reached a new milestone from January, when he decided to send a message to the rest of the league. The Frenchman fully took responsibility for his words immediately by increasing his performance on the floor, as well as all his statistics. No doubt, the Spurs hit the jackpot in the last draft.

But the pressure is enormous on the Texan franchise now. As Shaquille O’Neal announced after his card on Chet Holmgren on Thursday, the front office must do what is necessary to properly surround Wembanyama. Trae Young is a plausible name, but we may need more when we see the quality of the squad.

Spurs forced to move on the market this summer?

In a recent broadcast on ESPN, Adrian Wojnarowski also took stock of Wembanyama’s talent, as well as the pressure from Spurs. He confirms that the Frenchman has a very bright future in the league, to the point where San Antonio will not have to hang around improving the quality of the roster. We are talking about movements this summer.

Adrian Wojnarowski on Victor Wembanyama : “Spurs can’t treat this as a long-term rebuild. We often hear from these organizations, ‘we can’t skip steps’, (yet) they must move quickly to put a real team in place around them. It is he who will dictate the timetable to follow. He has already delivered the message. He will be the best player on both ends of the floor by his third season. He will stack the MVPs, the trophy for the best defender will be withdrawn in his name. No one else will win it, maybe starting next year. »

Suffice to say that Woj is rave about Wembanyama, and we imagine that Spurs must already be asking themselves serious questions behind the scenes. Should we be aggressive on the market this summer, or wait until the 2025 draft, which looks much better than the one to come? Whatever happens, Victor has said time and time again that he trusts his organization.

The future looks bright for Victor Wembanyama and the Spurs, so the franchise will be under pressure this summer, with the obligation to improve the roster. There is no question of wasting the Frenchman’s talent in Texas.

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