NBA – Before his duel against Wembanyama, the bad news concerning Steph Curry!

Les stars NBA Victor Wembanyama et Stephen Curry

While fans were eager to witness a Victor Wembanyama vs Steph Curry duel, the latter was canceled this Saturday evening. And we’re leaving on the same basis for the reunion this Monday. It’s Adam Silver who must be unhappy.

The match between the Warriors and the Spurs was less interesting than expected this Saturday evening, the fault of multiple injuries.

Steph Curry and Victor Wembanyama were absent with right ankle problems, while Devin Vassell had to withdraw at the last minute following hip discomfort.

Fortunately for the NBA, the two teams meet again on Monday evening.

First good news?

Wembanyama should be handed over.

Gregg Popovich awaits his return for Monday’s match, unless the medical staff vetoes him within the next 48 hours.

The Frenchman is still doing much better, which is quite reassuring.

For Steph Curry, however, it’s something else.

A lack of size between Warriors and Spurs?

While fans were hoping for a Curry return for Monday night, the Warriors said no.

In a press release published this Saturday, before the match against Spurs, we learned that the Chef will be absent for a few days.

He will be re-evaluated on Tuesday to assess his injury, but don’t count on the Dubs to take any risks.

The Warriors said Steph Curry will be re-evaluated for his ankle injury on Tuesday.

He will therefore be out of the two Spurs games – tonight in San Francisco and Monday in San Antonio.

The Warriors play Wednesday in Dallas and next Saturday in Los Angeles against the Lakers.

Considering the upcoming schedule, this is clearly not a good time for Curry and the Warriors.

We are now waiting for news from the Chef, who will therefore not have the pleasure of meeting Wembanyama on a basketball court any time soon.

No Steph Curry against Victor Wembanyama for the fans, who are obviously disappointed. We could have hoped for a good battle, but the injuries decided otherwise. Fortunately it’s nothing serious according to initial feedback.

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