NBA – Before facing Jokic, a teammate of Wembanyama cash: “I know Victor is…

Victor Wembanyama and Nikola Jokic have already faced each other this season, in a duel largely won by the double MVP. 

For their next clash on the courts, the Frenchman is therefore up like a cuckoo, which was confirmed by one of his teammates.

The meeting between the Spurs and the Nuggets this night will have the feel of David against Goliath. 

First in the West with 46 wins for 20 losses, the reigning champions travel to Texas to face the bottom of the conference (14 wins for 52 losses). Suffice to say that Gregg Popovich’s men are not favorites.

However, it is not because their chances of victory are slim that they will not do everything to create a surprise. 

With San Antonio no longer playing anything this season, it is now a matter of finishing it on a good note in preparation for the 2024-25 campaign. 

Known to be a strong competitor, Victor Wembanyama will be particularly keen to do well against his opponent for the evening, a certain Nikola Jokic.

Wembanyama highly motivated to face Niko Jokic

Questioned by the media ahead of the clash against the Serbian, the first pick of the 2023 draft made no secret of being motivated like never before:

Everyone is happy to be here. Facing Jokic, of course, is a very, very interesting match. 

He’s someone I’ve learned a lot from, just by watching him. 

I think facing him again will teach me a lot of things.

We have no doubt that the V wants to take their revenge a few weeks after their first clash on the courts, which the double MVP won hands down with 39 points, 11 rebounds and 9 assists. 

The Frenchman was not unworthy (22 points, 11 rebounds, 4 blocks and 6 interceptions), but his teammate Blake Wesley is convinced that he will be up like a cuckoo by the time of kick-off:

This will be my first time, because every time they’ve been to Denver, I’ve been in the G League, and last year I was injured. 

It’s going to be crazy. 

I know it’s hard to get him to play, but I can’t wait. 

We must rise to the challenge. 

I want to play against the best players every night, that’s what we do. 

I know Victor is excited, so we all are.

If there is one who will enjoy seeing these two big men compete against each other, it is Gregg Popovich. 

The Habs coach is indeed a huge fan of the Joker and he is delighted to be able to cross his path again:

To be honest, it’s nice to face him.

 It’s a real pleasure to watch him play. 

He’s truly a special player.

Tonight’s match will have more sporting implications for the Nuggets than for the Spurs, but the latter intend to surprise the reigning champion. 

Victor Wembanyama in particular is overmotivated by the idea of ​​facing Nikola Jokic and we understand that.

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