NBA – “Another one??? »: Oscar Wembanyama, 16, continues to shake up Americans!

The two Wembanyama brothers, Oscar (left) and Victor (right)

As if that wasn’t enough with Victor, who has been shocking the NBA since the start of the season, another member of the Wembanyama family is now starting to shake the US. At only 16 years old, Oscar Wembanyama is already creating buzz across the Atlantic.

Resplendent for his first season in the NBA, Victor Wembanyama is already drawing crowds in the United States.

Indeed, each of his trips causes a certain frenzy, with opposing fans ready to pay large sums to see him. But having just won his second consecutive Rookie of the Month title, the Frenchman must now share the spotlight… with his brother.

Oscar Wembanyama still shocks Internet users

While he has not yet made his professional debut with ASVEL, Oscar Wembanyama is also attracting attention in the US.

It must be said that his (pre)name already appears in certain mock drafts on site. But while waiting to potentially join the NBA, the 16-year-old teenager continues his progress in the shadows and continues to develop physically, which has clearly not escaped the Americans:

Apparently, Oscar Wembanyama is now 2m03 tall (he was 1m95). He will turn 17 in a few days and belongs to the ASVEL youth teams.

At 2m24 tall, Victor Wembanyama still has some room to go before his little brother catches up with him.

Nevertheless, Oscar’s announced growth must be noted and is likely to please scouts, who attach a certain importance to the size of the players they study.

Internet users are in any case panicking over this data on the other side of the Atlantic:

ONE AGAIN ??????

They continue to multiply. What do they feed these kids with?

Considered an “Alien” because of his size and unique abilities, Victor Wembanyama may soon have to share this nickname with his little brother. By then, Oscar is already intriguing observers, if only by his growth.

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