NBA – An All-Star cash about Victor Wembanyama: “Now he must…

NBA Victor Wembanyama

Author of an exceptional first season, Victor Wembanyama could well succeed Paolo Banchero for the title of rookie of the year. The new All-Star has some advice for the Frenchman.

Currently absent with a slight ankle injury, Victor Wembanyama will return next week to torment his opponents.

The Frenchman has been on a roll for a few months, not to mention the fact that his level has increased further since the All-Star Break .

No doubt, the 20-year-old is well on his way to having a great and long career.

We can almost say for a few weeks that Wemby will win the rookie of the year trophy.

He seems far ahead of the competition, including Chet Holmgren, a little more discreet in recent weeks with the Thunder.

But Wembanyama could also aim for the rookie of the year title, or the All-Star Game in 2025.

Wembanyama well advised for his rookie season

If anyone knows it, it’s Paolo Banchero. Voted rookie of the year last year with the Magic, the interior raised his level of play this season, to the point where he was named to the All-Star Game in the Eastern Conference.

While on a show alongside Taylor Rooks, Banchero had advice for the Frenchman.

Paolo Banchero on Wembanyama : “He was the first pick in the draft, and I’m sure he was the favorite to win rookie of the year. N

ow he must reach another level. I think that was really important to me. I’m the best rookie, but that’s not enough.

In his mind, I’m sure he won’t be satisfied with being rookie of the year. He wants to become the best center in the league. It’s going to be his fight, to reach another level. »

There is no doubt that Wemby has big objectives for the future, starting by validating this rookie of the year trophy. Then work hard to get back in shape next season, with the hope of making the playoffs. In any case, the Frenchman does not lack motivation.

For Paolo Banchero, Victor Wembanyama must now aim even higher after the rookie of the year. The Frenchman does not intend to stop there, even if his priority remains the collective. It promises for the future .

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