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NBA LeBron James with the Lakers


While observers widely praised LeBron James’ 40,000 career points, Enes Kanter broke his silence to attack the King. Except that the former NBA player is far from popular today.

The first player in history to cross the 40,000 point mark, LeBron James continues to widen the gap with the competition. A resounding achievement for the King, with a mark that will continue to climb for a little while. Internet users are obviously impressed, except Enes Kanter, who has since become Enes Freedom.

A former NBA player, with the Blazers or the Jazz, Kanter was seen as a bad defender, which cost him his place in the league. The person concerned has another version since he decided to openly criticize China and many large companies during the end of his career. He believes he was unfairly banned for his speeches.

Enes Kanter attacks LeBron again

Having been forgotten for a long time, Kanter therefore tried to create a buzz this Saturday evening on the networks by attacking James and his record. He criticizes the King in particular for being silent on the subject of China or is angry with him for his partnership with Nike. On Twitter, he therefore publicly questioned the integrity of the Akron native.

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Integrity > 40,000 points

Criticisms from Internet users did not take long to come in for a former player who refuses to give up.

Who does he think he is?


No one cares about him, I even forgot he existed

In search of attention and buzz, Enes Kanter attacks his favorite target: LeBron James. And suffice to say that the fans are far from appreciating such behavior. Anonymity is not far away.

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