NBA – After the Wemby recital, Popovich’s viral statement: “Nothing excites me, except when…

Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama at a press conference

Obviously delighted by the Spurs’ victory against the Nets this Sunday, Gregg Popovich was also able to revel in the new card made by Victor Wembanyama. 

A seemingly perfect evening which led him to indulge in his main source of pleasure.

At the end of the season without any real challenges for the Spurs, the slightest success at least has the merit of putting a smile on the lips of their fans.

The one obtained this Sunday against the Nets after overtime (122-115) notably borrowed this effect.

It must be said that his stunning scenario was enough to provoke the joy of the local supporters, just like the historic performance by Victor Wembanyama :

Gregg Popovich’s confession mixing pleasure, alcohol… and Wembanyama

The main architect of this success against Brooklyn, Wembanyama is once again in the headlines of NBA news.

He also took the opportunity to send a big warning to the rest of the league for the future.

Gregg Popovich, for his part, was obviously able to congratulate himself on the exploits of his French interior in the post-match press conference.

All this, while saluting his always impeccable state of mind:

Gregg Popovich: Victor is a young man of many talents.

He’s going to show us things that none of us have seen before, and his reverse dunk tonight was one of them.

He becomes more and more solid and disciplined, he gets used to the contact and attention he receives.

It’s not easy to be in his position, but he handles it all with great class and intelligence.

In view of such performances from Wemby, the legendary coach has reason to rejoice in having extended his contract by five years last summer.

This should indeed allow him to accompany his nugget to spheres never reached before.

On the other hand, don’t think that this gives him more sensations than a good bottle of wine is capable of:

Gregg Popovich: Nothing excites me, except when I open a bottle of Bordeaux that I thought was ripe and I discover that it really is perfect.

Only then do I get excited.

Besides, all my best wines are older than Victor.

It’s the truth !

No wonder, then, that Coach Pop’ is looking forward to settling down in France next season .

A great wine lover, Gregg Popovich took advantage of Victor Wembanyama’s latest demonstration to recall his passion for French wines. Crus for the most part older than the 20-year-old tricolor big man.

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