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NBA Victor Wembanyama and Jeremy Sochan
NBAVictor Wembanyama once again put on a show against the Pacers this Sunday, with the most important bonus: the victory. Jeremy Sochan has been honest about his feelings about his teammate.

The weeks go by for the Spurs and it is clear that Gregg Popovich’s men are gaining strength. It’s not yet perfect, especially when it comes to defending, but there is big progress like Victor Wembanyama. With his 3.4 blocks on average, making him the leader in the NBA, the Frenchman sets an example during this final part of the season.

The following ? It looks sparkling for Victor. Barring an earthquake, he should win the rookie of the year trophy, his duel against Chet Holmgren having turned to his advantage last Thursday. On social networks, we even find Texan fans pushing for Wemby to be considered a serious candidate for defender of the year, ahead of Rudy Gobert.

Victor Wembanyama still impresses his teammates

It must be recognized that Wemby already makes a huge difference in defense, but Spurs’ collective record is much less generous in this area. It’s difficult to see him winning at the finish, but there is no doubt that Victor will win this trophy at least once in his career, if not more. The best is yet to come for him.

A person convinced of their success? Jeremy Sochan. At a press conference, the Spurs insider said he was charmed by his teammate’s prowess:

Jeremy Sochan on Victor Wembanyama : “It’s just Victor. We’re almost used to it. There are always times when you say, ‘wow, what was that? I have never seen that.’ But overall we’ve seen so much from him, what he can become (in this league) and what he will become, it’s almost normal for us today. »

“With the staff we know that he can do much more, even though what he does is already incredible. Hats off to him. »

Yes, Sochan is won over by his teammate, with whom he hopes to team up for many years. Just like Devin Vassell. A compliment that Wembanyama will appreciate, especially when we know that both received criticism at the start of the season. Fortunately, this duo has since managed to find the right formula.

Just like Gregg Popovich or his partners, Jeremy Sochan is impressed by the prowess of Victor Wembanyama. And to think that the Frenchman manages to do all that for his rookie season…

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