NBA – After the defeat, the provocative tweet about Bol Bol and Wembanyama goes badly!

NBA Bol Bol and Victor Wembanyama
Long compared in the past, notably by Shaquille O’Neal, Victor Wembanyama and Bol Bol have experienced different trajectories in recent months.

So this provocative tweet against the Frenchman annoyed more than one.

An atypical player since his arrival in the NBA, Bol Bol has long been considered a great hope.

A fragile interior, but with good qualities in scoring and defense.

Unfortunately, whether at the Magic or the Nuggets, he was never able to confirm his full potential.

Today ?

He is content with a role in the background under the leadership of Frank Vogel at the Suns.

The tweet about Bol Bol that annoys Wemby fans

He still manages to get minutes, however, he has often been benched this season, proof that he is far from convincing his staff.

This Saturday, despite 13 points, he was especially noted for his tackle against the officials after a foul on Victor Wembanyama .

But the StatMuse account took advantage of Phoenix’s victory to have a little fun.

Bol Bol is undefeated against Wemby.

StatMuse takes advantage of the rivalry between Bol and Wembanyama, often associated in the past, to compare the two men. Issue ?

Victor is actually two wins away from the Suns, both of which came early in the season.

So why this difference? Because Bol, present on the scoresheet, had recorded 0 minutes.

The Spurs haven’t beaten the Suns back-to-back this season? Bol Bol was on the team, he just couldn’t get minutes

So cringe

Yes, Bol Bol won against Victor Wembanyama this Saturday, but he is certainly not undefeated against him.

A tweet that was only provocative, with Spurs supporters very angry in the process, and rightly so.

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