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NBA LeBron James with the Lakers

This Saturday evening was historic for LeBron James as he was able to surpass the 40,000 career points mark. However, the party was spoiled by a defeat against the Nuggets (114-124). And this is far from the first time this has happened, as Jamal Murray pointed out.

This past Saturday, attention was largely focused on the feat that LeBron James was about to achieve. Because before the meeting against the Nuggets, the Lakers superstar only needed 9 units to cross the 40,000 career milestone. As expected, the record fell. However, the smiles were hardly present on the faces of the Californians who conceded a defeat (114-124).

And it’s a symphony that has been heard far too many times, as Anthony Davis has noted . The King’s 26 points at 60% shooting were not enough for the Purple & Gold to obtain their first victory of the season against Denver. Once again, the reigning champions will have been the executioners of Bron and others, which Jamal Murray did not fail to note with amusement after the meeting:

Jamal Murray trolls Lakers after LeBron’s ruined party

Every time we have to play when there’s an event in LA. It’s weird. The first game of the season is a revenge match… On the day of the inauguration of the Kobe Bryant statue , we have to play against them… For LeBron’s record, it’s the same… You don’t want to put another team in front of them for once? But other than that, we did a good job and showed ourselves ready for the event.

We managed well despite the heavy atmosphere and we also had good time management at the end of the match. And obviously, it’s incredible what LeBron did. He is the first player in history to achieve this. What impresses me most about him is his longevity. His consistency is such that he manages to maintain this high level every year, regardless of his age.

Not getting injured is also an important factor. It was great to be able to come here and leave with the victory. We did a good job in this arena while letting the storm pass.

During this match, Jamal Murray had 24 points on 47.8% shooting, 6 rebounds and 11 assists. But the outcome of this meeting remained undecided for a long time.

It was in the very last moments of the game that the Nuggets gained the upper hand over their opponents. Michael Malone’s men also seem well on their way to being at the top of the rankings at the end of the season, who are 3rd in the West. The Lakers are still fighting in their 10th position. Who knows ? Perhaps a new revenge will take place for the Angelinos in the playoffs?

For the evening of his record 40,000 points, LeBron James suffered another defeat against the Nuggets (114-124). Jamal Murray obviously allowed himself to be humorous after the match, the men from Colorado never stopped spoiling the party for the Californians.


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