NBA – After Popovich and Wemby, French fans react to the future arrival of the Spurs in Paris!

The young French NBA player Victor Wembanyama, here accompanied by the flag of France

As expected, the Spurs will travel to Paris in 2025 to play at least one match there. 

Information confirmed in recent hours by Gregg Popovich and Victor Wembanyama which has obviously ignited the French public.

For several years now, the NBA has made a habit of exporting to Europe, and more precisely to Paris.

Last January, the Cavaliers and the Nets were responsible for putting on a show in front of the spectators at a once again full Accor Arena.

However, following the advent of Victor Wembanyama at Spurs, many wondered when the Texan franchise would take over.

On the sidelines of the last Paris Game, Adam Silver himself teased this possibility without, however, being very precise in his comments.

We then only had to wait a few hours for an unofficial announcement to be made concerning a match between San Antonio and Indiana in the French capital.

Two months later, the subject returned to the heart of discussions this Sunday.

France ignites before Wembanyama’s return

Coming out of the Spurs’ victory against the Nets, Gregg Popovich logically appeared in a perky mood in front of journalists at a press conference.

During a funny conversation, he also took the opportunity to confirm the arrival of Spurs in Paris in 2025.

A statement to which Wembanyama was quickly invited to react, which he did with palpable excitement in his words :

I’m really looking forward. It’s obviously going to be an important match – or matches – for me, because it involves coming back to where I come from, to my town or nearby.

It’s going to be very special. It will also allow me to see my family in peak season, which doesn’t happen often. So it’s great.

A combined announcement which inevitably made the mouths of French fans water, already eager to (re)see Wemby at work in the Ile-de-France region:

To the delight of French fans, the Spurs will travel to France for the NBA Paris Game 2025.

A meeting which promises to generate enormous enthusiasm in France, the premises of which are already being observed at present .

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