NBA – After LeBron, which player to reach 40k points? Anthony Davis honest: “Maybe…

LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers bench
NBALeBron James reached 40,000 career points, finding himself more alone than ever at the top. Can anyone hope to join him one day? Anthony Davis gave a surprising answer.

Having become the best scorer in NBA history some time ago, LeBron James is now the only one to pass the 40,000 points mark. Knowing that the King’s career is not yet over, we say to ourselves that it will be very difficult to dethrone him, especially when we take a closer look at his longevity. But Anthony Davis has an idea.

Will LeBron’s record be broken?

Although the Laker does not see how anyone can do better than James, he believes that Stephen Curry could be next. A bit surprising for the leader of the Warriors, today with more than 23,000 points, all at 35 years old. It should be remembered that the double MVP was a little late at the start of his career, notably due to ankle problems.

“Maybe Steph, the way he shoots the ball. »

Anthony Davis on the next player to reach the 40,000 point mark

On the supporters’ side, it is difficult to understand the answer. Curry seems to be way too late and don’t count on him playing until he’s 45 either. A Luka Doncic, who starts on a huge basis, would certainly be a more plausible candidate.

I think it will be Luka or Wemby or someone who is not in this league yet. They will have to play at least 20 years and average 27 points or more lol

AD knows Curry is 35 right?

Luka Doncic could reach the 40,000 points mark, while it is still too early to comment on Victor Wembanyama. One thing is certain: this record will last a long time.

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