NBA – After its carnage, the historic season validated by Wembanyama!

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

Author of a new classic against the Nets this Sunday, Victor Wembanyama has just validated a historic season at the same time. 

The Frenchman is already a rookie in his own right .

Victor Wembanyama continues to panic the scorers during his rookie season.

With 33 points, 15 rebounds, 7 assists and 7 blocks in the Spurs’ latest victory, the Frenchman continues to make his opponents dizzy… and his own fans.

Texans are shocked by Wemby’s level, and perhaps even more so by his statements to reporters .

Wembanyama a little more in history

But what we especially remember with Victor is the fact that he achieves something never seen before in history.

The NBA has already had the right to exceptional rookies, but the Frenchman is setting himself apart from the others in several ways.

Shortly after his card against the Nets, the StatMuse account on Twitter revealed a new madness.

The first player in history with more than 200 blocks, more than 100 three-pointers, more than 75 steals, in a season.

The NBA has never seen such a complete player.

Blocking shots is one thing, but also being able to punish from long distance, while intercepting balls, is another.

Wemby is definitely a special player who will have to be counted on in the future, with won over fans.

Best rookie in history. Simple.

he’s only just beginning

No doubt, Victor Wembanyama is already a very special player. 

The Frenchman achieves crazy statistics, never seen in all of history. 

And it’s scary at only 20 years old…

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