NBA – After his monster match, the big debate on Wembanyama: “He is above…

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey


Sparkling against the Thunder earlier in the week, Victor Wembanyama is responding for his first campaign. But how does it compare to the competition? The debate is open.

With 20.7 points, 10.2 rebounds and 3.3 blocks on average (large NBA leader), Victor Wembanyama crushes everything in his first season across the Atlantic. The 20-year-old was expected and he finally found a way to surpass the predictions about him. He has stepped up the pace to start 2024 and position himself as the favorite to become rookie of the year in a few months.

There are over 20 games left and Chet Holmgren isn’t necessarily far behind. However, and with his performance Thursday evening against the Thunder and its rival, the Frenchman has just struck a huge blow in the ROTY race for observers. Apart from a serious injury or a fiasco in the coming weeks, this trophy will not escape him.

What place for Wembanyama in the NBA?

But others are going further for Wemby, who is already establishing himself as an impressive player for the NBA. Rookie or not, he continues to improve in attack and can be considered one of the best in defense (partly thanks to his 2m24). In which top should it be placed? Internet users tried to debate on the subject

Ok, let’s be real… Victor is a Top player… in the NBA today.

Top 10

Top 20.

Top 10. Lots of scorers in this defenseless league but few elite defenders. Victor’s defense puts him above these guys. His offense will catch up when his teammates are better.

A simple rookie, Victor Wembanyama is nevertheless considered one of the best players in the NBA for some. Or at least in the Top 10, or even 20 by supporters. And he should continue to gain places over the years…

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