NBA – After his duel against Wembanyama, Draymond Green returns his jacket: “I lied”

Victor Wembanyama et Draymond Green

We’re nearing the end of the regular season, which means journalists will soon be able to vote for individual trophies.

As for the best defender of the year, the Victor Wembanyama file is gaining momentum, and with the impetus of Draymond Green.

With the Spurs only having a few games left in this regular season, Victor Wembanyama’s rookie campaign is nearing its end.

It will remain a success regardless of the collective results, especially since the Frenchman should be crowned rookie of the year in the weeks to come.

Chet Holmgren was an illusion during the first months of competition, but Wemby widened the gap.

Not only did he deliver performances worthy of an All-Star, but Holmgren collapsed on his side.

Declining statistics, particularly for the month of March. In addition to ROY, Wembanyama could well be placed for the title of defender of the year.

His impact is crazy at Spurs, to the point where many want to see him win ahead of Rudy Gobert.

Draymond Green decides in the Wembanyama case

This may seem crazy given Spurs’ record and yet, the statistics go in the Frenchman’s direction.

With him on the floor, the Texans are another team on defense, not to mention his 3.5 average blocks, making him the NBA wide leader. Last conquered?

Draymond Green. After Kyrie Irving a few weeks ago , the inside of the Warriors votes for Victor as he admits in his podcast.

Draymond Green on Victor Wembanyama in DPOY :

“I know a while ago here I talked about how Victor Wembanyama shouldn’t be named defender of the year and… I lied.

Wemby should be defender of the year, because he is so incredible defensively.

The way he impacts the game, even when he doesn’t have the ball, or with it, is a problem. »

“When guys are rushing into the paint and maybe they have an opportunity to make a layup, but they decide to turn around?

It is a problem. In a way it’s a blocked shot. But no one will be credited for it, much like a screen.

You’re going to set a screen, no one will give you an assist.

You rush towards the circle and you see Wemby, so you decide to go somewhere else?

It’s a blocked shot. I don’t know which lab it was created in, but I need to create a son there, because the guy is amazing. »

Does Green have a point? Certainly. Does he also want to see Wembanyama win rather than Rudy Gobert?

Probably. Still, the inside of the Warriors has made its choice, and we know quite a few supporters who approve of their side.

Draymond Green has decided after facing Victor Wembanyama once again: the rookie deserves the defender of the year trophy, in addition to the ROTY.

It wouldn’t be undeserved, even if it would be necessary to convince a lot of journalists.

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