NBA – After his carnage against Chet Holmgren, Victor Wembanyama bluntly: “In my eyes…

Victor Wembanyama at press conference for Spurs

As the season progresses, Victor Wembanyama seems to be getting closer and closer to the title of Rookie of the Year. His last big match against the Thunder confirmed it. The French prodigy, however, made things clear to journalists.

At the start of the season, expectations were immense around Victor Wembanyama. Among those who spoke highly of the Spurs pivot, some outright affirmed that he was a candidate for the unofficial title of best player in history, once his career was over. Enough to add a little more pressure on his big shoulders…

But while we are currently in the last third of the regular campaign, it seems that the person concerned has been able to cope perfectly well. His franchise is certainly last in the West (12 wins for 48 losses), but the Frenchman totally dominates his draft crop with more than 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and three blocks on average. Difficult to keep up with his pace, even for Chet Holmgren.

Victor Wembanyama uncompromising on regularity

Main rival of the V in the battle for the Rookie of the Year, the interior of OKC is also having a very good season but is gradually being left behind. The Habs also sent a huge message to voters by releasing a historic performance against the Thunder , during their last match. Questioned at a press conference, the former Boulogne-Levallois player, however, released a rather remarkable clarification:

In my eyes, the great players, especially today, when you see Embiid, Shai, Giannis,…. They don’t score 30 points, then 15, then 20. They score 30 points every night. In this league, success is decided over 82 games, you have to have it in every game. They don’t just perform well a few times. I would like to follow their example.

I don’t even question whether the race is over or not, because I want to win matches and we have 22 left. So I have to continue to perform well.

Clearly, Wemby is not a beginner like the others. Remember that he is still only 20 years old… His maturity is impressive to say the least.

The San Antonio nugget knows it well, it is around him that the future of his franchise is being built. But being the big competitor that he is, it is above all collective titles that he wants to glean in Texas. To do this, you have to be regular and in good health, as he so rightly emphasized. Given that he has only missed very few matches and given his performances which sometimes border on indecency, we can say that he does the job.

Victor Wembanyama has never hidden it, he places victory above the rest and before taking care of the ROY, he would especially like to end the season on a positive note with the Spurs. And as far as he is concerned, we imagine anyway that he is aiming for individual heights much higher than that of Rookie of the Year…

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