NBA – After facing him, Pascal Siakam cashes in on Wembanyama: “He’s just…

NBA Victor Wembanyama and Pascal Siakam

The more the weeks go by, the more Victor Wembanyama seems to impress the biggest names in the league. Beaten with his Pacers last night while the Frenchman performed well against them, Pascal Siakam did not mince his words about the pivot.

If the Spurs were crushed during their first duel with the Pacers, the Texans took revenge last night on the road to Indiana (117-105). Author of a new historic performance, Victor Wembanyama was clearly no stranger to this good result by making his opponents dizzy. Ask Pascal Siakam:

Pascal Siakam impressed by Victor Wembanyama

Himself the author of 21 points and 8 rebounds, the 2019 champion could only see the damage after Hurricane Wemby passed over him and his entire team. Whether in attack with his 30 points and 6 assists or in defense with his six blocks, the Frenchman really did everything for them. Asked about it at a press conference, Spicy P was lucid:

He’s just tough as hell near the rim. You just have to try to attack him and make the right reads when he’s nearby and do what you can to score against him. But yeah, it’s hard. (…) We have to try to find solutions when he is not on the field, and when he comes back we have to try to score quick and easy baskets. But he’s just a tough player to deal with.

Difficult to contradict the interior as the tricolor extra-terrestrial seems to become an insoluble puzzle for the 29 other franchises in the league. Far from being disturbed by the enormous expectations around him, the V practically sublimates himself night after evening as he gradually gains playing time. Imagine what it will be like when he can let go of the horses… The fans are already under shock.

This kid is a cheat code

Pascal Siakam will not soon forget this big match signed Victor Wembanyama, like the entire Pacers team in fact. The rookie is indeed set to repeat this type of performance on a fairly regular basis in the years to come. Clearly we would not like to be in the place of our opponents…

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