NBA – After Anthony Edwards’ crazy streak, the viral tweet with Wembanyama: “One day…

Poster of Anthony Edwards (left), Victor Wembanyama (right)
NBA (DR) / Spurs (DR)

Traveling to Utah, the Wolves secured victory despite a lot of injuries. 

Anthony Edwards made the show with an absolutely crazy poster, which directly earned Victor Wembanyama mentions.

Without Rudy Gobert or Karl-Anthony Towns, not to mention the fact that Naz Reid was injured during the match, the Wolves still beat the Jazz by a score of 114-104.

It wasn’t easy at all, but we imagine that Chris Finch is satisfied given the conditions.

Minnesota must quickly find its injured, especially since Anthony Edwards dislocated a finger on his side.

The dunk of the year for Anthony Edwards?

Nothing very serious for the rear, even if the supporters prefer to laugh about it.

In question ? The reason behind this injury.

Edwards was hurt for attacking John Collins in the circle.

Following an absolutely crazy poster, AntMan hit the circle too hard, earning him this issue.

Fortunately it’s not too serious for him.


Note that even John Collins was injured after this poster, earning him a trip to the infirmary.

Lots of breakage and above all a lot of supporters shocked by the sequence, some already qualifying this dunk as the best of the year.

And it didn’t take long to see Victor Wembanyama’s name mentioned.

We will watch the next Wolves/Spurs…

One day Wemby is going to meet Anthony Edwards at the circle and whatever happens, it will start the next ice age.

this photo will be legendary lol

Victor Wembanyama versus Anthony Edwards in the circle? When we see the prowess of the rear, we say to ourselves that the Frenchman will have to be wary of everything.

 And even a Ja Morant.

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