NBA – After 56 games, the craziness never seen in 13 years from Victor Wembanyama!

NBA Victor Wembanyama
NBAContrary to what his performances might suggest, Victor Wembanyama remains indeed a rookie in the NBA who has only recently passed the mark of 50 games played. However, this did not prevent him from already writing the history of the league.

Unlike most other rookies who waited this season to taste the professional world, he has been playing there for more than four years. Launched very young into the deep end in Nanterre by Pascal Donnadieu, Victor Wembanyama is now reaping the rewards on the NBA floors. His experience at the highest level, coupled with his immense talent, allows him to achieve wonders there from now on.

Victor Wembanyama’s barely believable new stat

Barring disaster, Wembanyama should inherit the Rookie of the Year award in a few weeks. However, he is also in a good position in the fight for Defender of the Year , which is a rarity for a simple beginner in the league. It must be said that the French prodigy has solid arguments in his favor, including the already enormous accumulation of his interceptions and his counterattacks:

With a total of 265 “stocks” this season, Victor is already doing better than all of the last 10 DPOYs. In fact, you even have to go back as far as 2011 and a certain Dwight Howard to see a winner of the trophy post a better mark (293).

Mark that the young French international should a priori be able to surpass with 20 matches still to play for San Antonio, even if he will not play them all.

But then, what interpretations can be drawn from this impressive observation? No doubt Wemby will have to count on better collective defense from his team to hope to win this award.

Indeed, his individual production already seems impeccable and makes him a declared candidate for the coming years.

In any case, this is the point of view expressed by many Internet users upon seeing these figures:

Amazing. And to think that this is the worst version of him we will ever see.👀

In just a few months, Victor Wembanyama has already established himself as the current expert on “stocks” in the NBA. Enough to put the last 12 Defenders of the Year in his rearview mirror even before the end of his rookie season. Lunar.

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